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Staging a Texas Renaissance: The Wineslinger Chronicles

T Staging a Texas Renaissance: The Wineslinger Chronicles Forward by Doug Frost MS, MW If you picked up this book, you’ve already demonstrated a keen awareness for the sleeping juggernaut that is Texas wine. Perhaps you’re curious about Texas’s current role in the wine industry, or at minimum, the evolution and likely future of Texas […]

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Coming to America

Coming to America Scenic hills with tall pine trees fringed my East Texas path to produce a cloistered environment with an emerald cast. As I drove, I thought about how modern man conjoins with nature on a grand scale in Texas: acres under barn, vast countryside dedicated to row crops, white wooden fences extending to […]

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A Strong Texas Brand

A Strong Texas Brand No sooner did I arrive at the winery than a barrage of words shot in my direction without any encouragement or provocation from my side. “I’ve been doing this for far too long . . . I get rocks thrown at me. Why? I guess that I just don’t play nice […]

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears Bobby Cox is a larger-than-life character both in stature and reputation among grape growers and winemakers. He’s something like a Texas version of Paul Bunyan, and Neal Newsom’s large blue grape harvester parked beside him appeared as the mechanical equivalent of Bunyan’s large blue ox, Babe. While Bunyan was a legendary […]

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Deep Roots in Texas

Deep Roots in Texas Looking out from the road, the isolation in this part of Texas provides little to identify the era. It could be the present day, or just as likely the countryside of the nineteenth century when Frencesco Quaglia and his Italian immigrant countrymen scouted this area. As I slipped into Del Rio […]

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Wine in a Carafe or Barrel

Wine in a Carafe or Barrel When I finished my Ste. Genevieve wine-tasting anecdote, Pat [Predergast – President of Ste. Genevieve Winery and Mesa Vineyards] leaned back and said, “That’s a great story. I certainly like that wine. It’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The Fumé Chardonnay can be a bit harder to find […]

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Chihuahuan Love

Chihuahuan Love My stop on this trip, over a hundred miles to the east [of El Paso, TX], a mere stone’s throw in Texas terms, was Dell City and the Mont Sec Vineyard nearby. This vineyard, first planted over two decades ago and now consisting of over two hundred acres of wine grapes, constitutes the […]

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