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Sun on the Skins

Sun on the Skins This high, flat plain [around Lubbock] didn’t exactly conjure up the image of wine country to me. The scenery was dominated by shades of burnt red below and indigo above. At the conjunction of these two domains, lean and well-drained soil combines with intense high-altitude sun, a little water, and copious […]

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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears Bobby Cox is a larger-than-life character both in stature and reputation among grape growers and winemakers. He’s something like a Texas version of Paul Bunyan, and Neal Newsom’s large blue grape harvester parked beside him appeared as the mechanical equivalent of Bunyan’s large blue ox, Babe. While Bunyan was a legendary […]

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Wine in a Carafe or Barrel

Wine in a Carafe or Barrel When I finished my Ste. Genevieve wine-tasting anecdote, Pat [Predergast – President of Ste. Genevieve Winery and Mesa Vineyards] leaned back and said, “That’s a great story. I certainly like that wine. It’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The Fumé Chardonnay can be a bit harder to find […]

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Chihuahuan Love

Chihuahuan Love My stop on this trip, over a hundred miles to the east [of El Paso, TX], a mere stone’s throw in Texas terms, was Dell City and the Mont Sec Vineyard nearby. This vineyard, first planted over two decades ago and now consisting of over two hundred acres of wine grapes, constitutes the […]

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A Sip with the Good Friar

A Sip with the Good Friar “When we entered the region, we saw grapes growing wild along the rivers of Tejas and they looked like I imagined they did for hundreds of years. The vines were thick, hanging from the trees on the river banks, and sometimes covered rocks and ledges.” This is how Father […]

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Limestone Ledges and Red Sandy Soils

Limestone Ledges and Red Sandy Soils The spring sun warmed my face as I gazed out over freshly greened prominences to the north from a perch high on an eastward-pointing finger of the Edwards Plateau: my personal piece of the Texas Hill Country. I sat there wondering how and where did the Texas wine experience […]

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A Wineslinger is Born

A Wineslinger is Born One evening, I wrote about this seemingly odd comparison between Texas and southern Australia. Most wine aficionados know the Coonawarra (also known by its terra rossa, or red earth) as the most sought-after vineyard soil in Australia. It too covers bedrock of porous limestone, assisting good drainage but offering summer moisture […]

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Curious About Texas Wines?

Curious About Texas Wines? It’s time to to read The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine Congratulations. If you picked up this book [or clicked on to this website], you’ve already demonstrated a keen awareness for the sleeping juggernaut that is Texas wine. Perhaps you’re curious about Texas’s current role in the wine industry, or […]

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