A Wineslinger is Born

A Wineslinger is Born

One evening, I wrote about this seemingly odd comparison between Texas and southern Australia.

Most wine aficionados know the Coonawarra (also known by its terra rossa, or red earth) as the most sought-after vineyard soil in Australia. It too covers bedrock of porous limestone, assisting good drainage but offering summer moisture retention. The terroir of the Coonawarra is one of the renowned regions for growing Cabernet Sauvignon.

My blog consisted of the following: “Is it any wonder why our very own Texas High Plains ‘Tierra Roja’ produces rich, full-bodied Cabernets, and now witnesses the emergence of rich red-black Tempranillos and aromatic Viogniers?”

The following morning after my premise permeated through the blogosphere, I found a reply posted on the blog of fellow wine writer…an Australian located half a world away, but in Internet terms just over my backyard fence. He coined a name for me…Doc Russ, Texas Wineslinger.

Excerpt from Chapter One: A Wineslinger is Born

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