Curious About Texas Wines?

Curious About Texas Wines?

It’s time to to read The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine

Congratulations. If you picked up this book [or clicked on to this website], you’ve already demonstrated a keen awareness for the sleeping juggernaut that is Texas wine. Perhaps you’re curious about Texas’s current role in the wine industry, or at minimum, the evolution and likely future of Texas wines. If so, you’ve got a remarkably thorough guide in Russell Kane, the man who’s been dubbed the “Texas Wineslinger.”

And as you’ll read [in The Wineslinger Chronicles], there are plenty of places left to plant. From kudzu-draped sycamore and scrub pine stands to prickly pear clusters, this state is too big to enjoy only one, two, or even a dozen wine growing climates. Russ explains that…and he tells the fascinating stories ranging from Spanish missionary days to the determination of emigrant farmers to bring wine culture to their new Texas homeland. He has looked into the tales of some unlikely vineyards, and Texas tall tales notwithstanding, these are the myths that have launched a lot of vineyards and continue to inspire winegrowers and wine consumers alike.

Excerpt from Forward by Doug Frost MS, MW

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