Deep Roots in Texas

Deep Roots in Texas

Looking out from the road, the isolation in this part of Texas provides little to identify the era. It could be the present day, or just as likely the countryside of the nineteenth century when Frencesco Quaglia and his Italian immigrant countrymen scouted this area.

As I slipped into Del Rio from the open highway, the landscape turned to stark urban concrete. After driving through the city center, I exited, like Alice through the looking glass, into a starkly different world. It was one of tall trees, wild green undergrowth, and the lush emerald rows of grapevines that surrounded the Val Verde Winery.

According to Tommy, Frank came over a hill just outside Del Rio where the splash of green surrounding the springs came into view much like it did for me as I crossed what is now the center of town.

Excerpt from Chapter Six, Deep Roots in Texas

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