Critic’s Reviews

Doc Russ is the kind of guy who can mix blues, barbecue, and Barbera in a truly Texan way, and as he writes I can smell the mesquite smoke, hear the wailing guitar and chew the High Plains ripe red fruit. Right on Russ!
—OZ CLARKE , author of Pocket Wine Book and 250 Best Wines Wine Buying Guide
With wine now made in all fifty states, the gift of the gods is on the way to becoming a national drink. But each state has unique growing situations, and it’s not yet certain where truly great American wine will be produced. In The Wineslinger Chronicles, Russ Kane tells the tale of Texas wine in an educational, friendly style. . . . So sit back and enjoy both Texas wines and Kane’s book.
—GEORGE M. TABER , author of Judgment of Paris
On his blog,, and now in The Wineslinger Chronicles, Russ Kane is our faithful guide across the wild frontier of Texas wine. . . . Settle by the campfire, pour yourself a Texas-sized glass, and let Ol’ Russ tell you a story.
—DAVE MCINTYRE , Washington Post wine columnist and co-founder of
Every upcoming wine region needs a champion, and Russ Kane, relentless in seeking out and understanding what Texas wine has to offer, appears up to the task.
—ALICE FELRING , author of Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do
What Comes Naturally
In this rollicking good read, Russ Kane shares his passion for telling the tales of pioneering Texas winemakers and grape growers. Kane takes us on a fascinating journey down the back roads and
into the vineyards, wine labs, and heads of innovative winemakers from the Gulf coast to the Texas high plains. The conversations and observations he chronicles are as entertaining as they are illuminating, and unveil the true grit and glory of this new Texas frontier.
—MARLA CAMP, publisher, Edible Austin
In The Wineslinger Chronicles, Russ Kane helps to bring Texas wine to the forefront of the regional wine movement with
his knowledgeable criticism and top-flight commentary. This book sheds light on many of the issues being faced by growers, winemakers and consumers in many of the “Other 47” emerging wine-producing states in America.
—JEFF SIEGEL , co-founder,